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Working principle and function of slot machine jammer

  Slot jammer workflow:
  1. Through the IC chip + transistor pulse oscillation circuit, the internal computer board of the slot machine is impacted by the electronic pulse to a more appropriate frequency
  2. Special high power RF Transistor amplifies the signal at high frequency, and then outputs RF signal pulse and strong magnetic field through high frequency coil signal sorting

  Working principle: the game machine and separator can emit high-frequency electromagnetic wave, and the magnetic field signal continuously impacts the coin slot, coin line and coin returning system inside the slot machine. The high-frequency pulse signal can penetrate the wires, resistors, capacitors, chips, integrated circuits, transistors, microcontrollers and other interferences inside the machine, which will cause external command disorder to the IC integrated computer chip of the slot machine. The machine will automatically increase the bonus or start the coin returning system to issue coins. In this way, the final significance of the research and development of slot jammer is completed.

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