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  • Marlboro slot jammer
  • Marlboro slot jammer
  • Marlboro slot jammer
Marlboro slot jammerMarlboro slot jammerMarlboro slot jammerMarlboro slot jammer

Marlboro slot jammer

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  • Product description: Longba technology develops and produces all kinds of slot jammers, pinball jammers and fishing jammers,Marlboro jammer,emp jammer。WhatsApp:+8618837103250

Marlboro cigarette remote control slot machine jammer has the same appearance as the real cigarette on the market, and has strong concealment. Equipped with remote high-power remote control, the effective control distance is increased by 30-50m. It is suitable for a variety of single slot machines, large connected line pressure classification slot machines, swipe card connected line slot machines and so on.

Instrument color: Marlboro cigarette 【white】【red】
Instrument size: 87x55x22mm
Power supply voltage: 37.8v
Working voltage: 42V
Instrument power: 30W
Working frequency: 600-900 Hz
Antenna mode: internal + enhanced external【detachable】
Heat dissipation mode: internal radiator

Instrument advantages:
1. Remote control type, hidden security.
2. Single hole charging: 37.8v special lithium battery charger, fast charging, half an hour
3. Series connection of 9 series a lithium batteries, with larger capacity, durability and power


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