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Laba jammer

  • wave band jammer
  • wave band jammer
wave band jammerwave band jammer

wave band jammer

  • Size: 88 * 43 * 23mm
  • Two stage mixing free switching
  • International express fee:$ 40
  • Product description: Longba technology's intelligent slot machine jammer is a multi-functional high-end jammer, which can be used for different types of slot machines, fishing machines, Laba machines and so on.


The intelligent segment wave king slot machine jammer adopts the dual frequency pulse design, which makes the bonus point more stable, does not crash improperly, and increases the bonus point quickly. Ultra Long Precision high-power transmitting coil can give full play to the maximum power and better deal with some difficult new models. Simple and wireless outer packing, more convenient for concealment. [suitable for use in summer and winter]

Instrument Description:
Turn on the first gear, direct frequency mode, you can make a big brand for the slot machine interference program, or directly force the money back.
Turn on the second gear, intelligent pulse flash frequency, can automatically search the frequency division rate on the machine, and increase the total bonus of the machine.

Operating instructions: the coin closer to the machine, the running light panel, the coin outlet, the upper and the lower padlocks on the side of the scoring keyboard can play a good interference effect.
Charging instructions: This jammer has only one charging hole, 37.8v special charger, which can complete charging in half an hour. It is forbidden to damage the battery by charging for a long time.


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