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  • K9 jammer
K9 jammerK9 jammer

K9 jammer

  • Size:80*50*20mm
  • Anti alarm jammer
  • shipping fee:40 usd
  • Product description: Longba technology sells anti alarm slot machine jammers, K9 slot machine jammers, slot machine remote controls and slot machine controllers to the United States, Spain, Africa, Mexico, Italy, France,

K9 all alarm remote controller is a powerful product of anti alarm and anti breaking appliance, which has been tested by many kinds of alarms. The whole instrument is smaller than the cigarette box. It can be perfectly hidden with the cigarette box and is easy to carry.

【usage】: the first level of flash frequency can give intelligent bonus points to the game console, and the second level of direct frequency can be forcibly refunded


① It is forbidden to open the 1 / 2 gear at the same time to avoid disorder of the data set in the instrument

② It is forbidden to press the switch to work for a long time. It shall be controlled within 10 seconds and used for the second time at an interval of half a minute

【charging matters】: It is forbidden to charge the product after receiving it. It will be charged for half an hour after using it for 2-3 days.

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