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  • iphone jammer
iphone jammeriphone jammeriphone jammer

iphone jammer

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The iPhone slot jammer is refitted from Apple's 6splus real phone. The hidden built-in circuit coil is designed to ensure the maximum transmission power. The two gears are freely converted, the first gear is flashed and the second gear is fixed. It can be used in single stand-alone slot machines and large-scale connected slot machines.

Instrument name: Apple mobile phone jammer
Power supply voltage: 33.6v
Instrument power: 25W
Instrument size: 155x65x7mm
Power switch: 1 / 2 gear dual frequency switch
Working mode: fixed frequency, flash frequency
Antenna mode: internal hidden + external spiral coil 【detachable】
Charging time: special high-performance lithium battery charger, half an hour rapid charging completed


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