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  • shock wave jammer
  • shock wave jammer
  • shock wave jammer
shock wave jammershock wave jammershock wave jammer

shock wave jammer

  • Size: 85 * 45 * 23mm
  • Super precision emitter
  • International express fee:$ 40
  • Product description: Longba technology, specializing in the production of all kinds of slot machine jammer, slot machine remote control, slot machine cheater. Shock wave jammer is a powerful product with strong penetratio

Shockwave is a professional slot machine jammer. It is designed with rechargeable lithium battery integrated circuit, ultra long and precise high frequency emitter, which ensures the maximum power of the chip in the instrument, and has stronger penetration than the ordinary jammer. The effect is more stable, the operation is more simple, and it is conducive to concealment. It is a multi-purpose machine, which can be divided and interfered. The instrument is equipped with a power-off dial switch. When in use, you can turn on the power from 12 to on, and press the red key switch.

When using, point the upper divider at the screen of the game machine, under the right padlock and near the coin outlet, press the button to add the bonus amount of the machine and automatically return the coin.

Charging time: once every 2-3 days, half an hour
Note: press the switch to control within 15 seconds, and use it for the second time every half a minute.

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