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  • S9 slot jammer
  • S9 slot jammer
  • S9 slot jammer
S9 slot jammerS9 slot jammerS9 slot jammer

S9 slot jammer

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  • Product description: Longba technology, develops and produces the latest S9 alarm slot machine jammer for sale, S9 jammer, anti alarm jammer, slot machine jammer。WhatsApp:+8618837103250

The latest S9 slot machine jammer, microwave signal circuit coil, can ensure that the jammer can pass through the breaker, alarm, anti-theft device. The two gears are freely converted, the first gear is flashed and the second gear is fixed. It can be applied to single stand-alone slot machine and swipe card connected slot machine

Instrument name: S9 jammer
Power supply voltage: 37.8v
Instrument power: 15W
Instrument size: 80x50x25mm
Power switch: 1 / 2 gear dual frequency switch
Working mode: fixed frequency, flash frequency
Antenna mode: external spiral coil [detachable]
Charging time: 37.8 special high-performance lithium battery charger, half an hour rapid charging completed

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