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  • Magneto King jammer
  • Magneto King jammer
  • Magneto King jammer
  • Magneto King jammer
  • Magneto King jammer
Magneto King jammerMagneto King jammerMagneto King jammerMagneto King jammerMagneto King jammer

Magneto King jammer

  • International express fee:$ 40
  • Product description: Longba technology sells all kinds of slot machine jammers, magneto King jammers, universal slot machine jammers, pinball jammers and fishing machine jammers. WhatsApp:+8618837103250

the universal King slot machine jammer, the new acrylic all transparent one-piece machine, the unique voltage and electricity display design, the ultra-high frequency electromagnetic wave circuit design, the induction metal parts to interfere with the machine's coin line, up branch line, motor system, so as to achieve the effect of letting the machine out and spitting out coins.

The external detachable power coil can be dismantled and installed freely, and can be mastered freely for different models. It can effectively interfere with the slot machine of coin machine, paper money machine and card swiping system. It has strong applicability and excellent effect.

Key Description:
12 is to turn off the power and on is to turn on the power.
The yellow button is the start button, and the white button is the voltage display button.
The blue element is a precision adjustable potentiometer, which can adjust the flicker frequency and speed of the instrument.

Charging instructions: 37.8v special lithium battery charger is used, half an hour of rapid charging is completed, long-term charging is forbidden to damage the battery.


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